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To view the cartoons, simply clickon the links below. This will open up a '.JPG' file. If you wantto print a picture, just save it first using the 'File-Save-As'option in your Browser, and then use a graphics or paint programto print.

My cartoons are in date order andwhere possible have been scanned from the original. UnfortunatelyI did not always make a copy of my work and so if any formercolleagues have a copy of a cartoon not shown please let me knowand I can add it to my site.

Cartoons from Midland Bank/HSBC

DavidMoran Leaving Do October-92

KeithLuck leaves Midland August-93

PaulaEdwards and Daniel Elliott Birthday Bash August-93

Keith& Hilary (MISD) Leaving IMIS September-93

IMISFinance Christmas Curry Implementation Plan December-93

JamesMcDonald ("Jimmy Mac") et al Leaving Do from MARSFinance January-94

IanCollett Birthday Drinks February-94

DanielElliot's Leaving-IMIS Present (A3 Original) February-94

CarolynBrown Leaving Do March-94

MaureenKearns & Keri Hamid Organizing the Tennis Tournament June-94

MarkLewis Leaves Midland August-94

GishLeaves IMIS August-94

WendyLeung Leaves IMIS August-94

KeriHamid Leaves Midland for UBS September-94

CarlThayer & Marianne Jensen Birthday Drinks October-94

GilesBlumsom Leaving Drinks - off to Thailand October-94

The'L' Club Meeting (some kind of secret society) November-94

ValerieTribe Farewell Party December-94

ChrisLamy Leaving Do February-95

SteveThompson Birthday Drinks March-95

ChrisHair's Leaving Do from IMIS Finance April-95

MaureenKearns ("Mo") Leaving Do from IMIS June-95

RichardBeck (MISD Sheffield) with a Bad Attitude July-95

GinaGoddard Leaving do July-95

MikeSomerville goes to BZW August-95

BetsyKonvalinka Wedding drinks August-95

ValerieTribe Hen/Stag Evening September-95

DerekWylde Leaves IMIS September-95

JohnGoodbody Leaves IMIS Finance November-95

ChrisEllis 'The Dude' Playing Basketball January-96

FionaThomas ("Fifi") Leaving Do from Midland FinanceFebruary-96

MyLeaving Do from IMIS Finance February-96

AndyTennant leaves banking for adventures in Africa February-96

BetsyKonvalinka leaving Do February-96

MaureenKearns ("Mo") Leaving Do from Midland Bank December-96

MartinHolland Leaving Do January-97

KeithDavies Leaving Do March-97

JohnSterling Leaving Do March-97

JimGallifant: Stag Drinks May-97

ColinGrandison defects to Citibank May-97

KellyWyld Leaving Do May-97

StuartLorraine & His Fear of Sri Lankan Cuisine October-97

AmandaVeitch Leaves MISD January-98

MyLeaving Do from HSBC February-98


Cartoons from Giles Blumsom's Leaving-Book(Midland Bank/HSBC)


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